Adam Kidron – The Bigger the Lie, The Better

After the run on Urban Box Office, when the sand forts Kidron built had dissolved down to small mounds a man couldn’t hide behind, the bankruptcy court ruled that Kidron  had to limit his personal spending to $1,000 a week, rather generous considering that the investors in all his schemes had no access to their money … Continue reading Adam Kidron – The Bigger the Lie, The Better

Adam Kidron : Over-Promising, Under-Delivering

Beyond Oblivion was supposed to save the music industry. Instead, it lived up to its name, collapsing in dramatic fashion at the end of 2011 when investors lost their patience with a company that kept promising and never delivering. Years of careers and $33.2 million vanished, with two days notice, over the December holiday break. Here’s how … Continue reading Adam Kidron : Over-Promising, Under-Delivering