Keneisha Thompson: “It is what it is”

IMG_9372We all have our sentences to serve. Adam Kidron’s is a lifetime in the margins and in the guttering of all  the schemes he’s made crash around him. 40 years he’s been at it. His family’s is to have strangers come up to them and tell them about all the times Kidron has screwed them. 

There isn’t anything new here. People have been reacting negatively to him for a long time now. It’s an old story. 

Sometime it will end. Perhaps only with his death. Because he will never ever be able to pay back the people he’s swindled in a dozen lifetimes. Not that he ever wants to.

Adam Kidron fulfils the definition of psychopath: someone who doesn’t care how others feel. As his former girlfriend/fiancee/Chief Operating Officer Jamaican Keneisha Thompson says, “it is what it is. Fortunately I’ve now left him and his orbit. I’m out but I drank the Kook Aid for many years. I’m sorry I’m a part of anything that hurt and damaged so many of our staff, I really am. The world would definitely be a better place without Adam.”



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