Kidron: Everyone else is a Schmuck. I’m never wrong.


So why did a boy with kind parents (OK, they argued ferociously, but which parents don’t?) whose two sisters turned out to be stellar, end up as a sleazy low-life bottom-dwelling fantasist who likes nothing better than to pull confidence tricks around the globe?

Some people think Kidron did it to prove to the world — and to his father — that he could be his own man. They say he resented the commonly held view that he wasn’t the equal of his renowned Marxist Zionist academic father intellectually, ethically or spiritually, and that this was his way of showing he could forge his own valid path in the world. Money was the critical mass in his life. In one of his offices he hung a poster of a downtown skyline full of high-rises. From atop the tallest building a man is shouting: “I’m gonna own this town someday.” Adam worshipped money. And yet no matter what work he did, what venture he started after leaving school at 16 and working, as he so often proudly recalls, “as a tea boy” he never had either a hit record, a hit show, or a profitable company.

A childhood friend recalls, “Adam was bright. Picked up things quickly but was bored by them even quicker. He had a small speech impediment as a child which made him self-conscious and not a great mixer and becoming Bar Mitzvah (the rite of passage for a Jewish boy to manhood when he makes a speech or recites the sacred Torah from memory) was an absolute ordeal for him. He was a big boy even then, and to see him tremble and sweat and stammer like he did was quite endearing.”

The crux of the rite of Bar Mitzah is how a Jew is to become accountable for his actions. Adam Kidron has spent his whole life in dodging that accountability, leaving a trail of distraught creditors, employees, friends, family members, and a wife out of pocket.

We all have our sentences to serve. Adam Kidron’s is a lifetime in the margins and in the guttering of all the schemes he’s made crash around him. His family’s is to have strangers come up to them and tell them about all the times Kidron has screwed them.

There isn’t anything new here. People have been reacting negatively to him for a long time.

Sometime it will end. Perhaps only with his death. Because he will never ever be able to pay back the people he’s swindled in a dozen lifetimes. Not that he ever wants to.

“Adam’s been overextended from the start. Jewish boys expect a hand-out from their parents when they go out into the world. His parents committed all their money to their academic publishing company. There was nothing for him. He decided to take short-cuts while having this massive chip on his shoulder of resentment to his Dad especially. But I think his Dad knew even then, Adam didn’t have any sense of responsibility,” said Adam’s late step-father before he passed.

“The amazing thing about Adam Kidron is that he doesn’t seem to have an end-game. He just keeps on stealing and stealing. At one point people are asking for their money back in Malaysia, where he launched Yonder Music, they’ve worked out he’s a fraud. So he gets a big loan from a couple of people who have backed him, and instead of filling the hole, he buys a $150,000 truck which was used for just three days as a promotional vehicle, takes a suite at The Ritz-Carlton in Kuala Lumpur – his home away from home, and creates sand-art (literally moving images with sand) to show off his and his platform’s artistic bent. He’s crazy. This Jho Low type-figure who’s just one flimsy curtain away from being shown to be a zero,” said a prominent Malaysian businessman whom Kidron would warily flatter and sidle up to whenever he was in town.

“He was the ultimate stage-manager. He knew exactly what everyone needed to hear in order to get them to believe and take part in it in some way. He also really understood the way you need to lure in people with the idea of music-industry celebrities (Bruno Mars, Metallica, Britney Spears). It just just gave him that allure. He also had the cover of an international telecoms operator in Malaysia, Axiata, backed by the government, with a couple of flawed individuals in key positions,” Kidron’s disappointed friend goes on to say.

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